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Next Generation of LED Lighting - Dusk Titanium LED - Liquid Lighting

Posted on: July 11 2017

Dusk Titanium LED:

At last we have a new generation of dimmable LED downlights. The innovative new Dusk Titanium Downlight LED Downlight creates warm mood lighting with advanced dimming technology. This new LED downlight can make a space more inviting and welcoming by emulating the look and feel of the setting sun through smart dimming.

The Dusk Titanium LED starts at a natural white light of 3000k and can dim down effortlessly to a warmer 2000K, inspired by watching a sunset. This dimming transition is ultra smooth and remains flicker-free thanks to a phase-cut dimmer or lighting automation system (like DALI). Now your home or business can change light colour with a flick of switch or program it to dim at specific times.

Dusk Titanium Ambiance:

In certain applications, such as hotels and restaurants, a warmer atmosphere and ambience is desired to create a calming and cosy ambience. Having a room that can transition to a warm and cosy look can make it feel more inviting. Previously, the only way to achieve this was through traditional lighting, which is much more expensive to run and maintain.

The Titanium Dusk Downlight has energy efficient LEDs that use 90% less power than your traditional halogen or incandescent lights. The Dusk Titanium LED Downlight is also backed by a seven year warranty and boasts a lifetime of up to 70,000 hours (8 years).

From white light that dims down to an extra warm glow, an impressive colour rendering index (Ra, CRI) of higher than 90 is achieved with the LED Downlight Dimming series. An extremely high accuracy of colour is sustained even when the light is dimmed down to it’s warmest colour temperature.

Dusk Titanium Design:

The shape of this downlight has an elegant deep-seated recessed design. With virtually no trim, a minimalistic aesthetic blends seamlessly into ceilings while offering both superior visual comfort and low-glare.

How does it function? See for yourself! Get in touch with Liquid Lighting today on 1300 18 20 20 to find out more about the LED Downlight Dimming series and other lighting solutions.