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Liquid Lighting Design offer a complete range of Services, enabling us, to provide a complete turn key solution for all your Lighting needs. These services include, Design and Consult, Implement, Project Manage, Source, Audit and Test.

Design and Consult

Contact us to get the most comprehensive Lighting design available. Our designers have years of experience in design. Resulting in the ability to provide you with a practical and up to date lighting solution. We will walk you through the process, and demystify the jargon, therefore, putting the solution together in easily understood terms.



Liquid Lighting Design offer a complete range of services. These include  Project Managers and Electricians. All our consultants are highly skilled with Globally recognized Project Management certifications. Our Electricians are all A Grade, and ensure your Installation is to the highest standards.


We have access to the best of breed products available in the market. Both Domestically and Globally. As a result of this, we can almost assure that we can find that specific Light or fitting. Therefore should you have a specific requirement, contact us.

Audit and Test

Liquid Lighting Design can audit your existing environment and recommend better, more cost effective Lighting solutions, which, as a result can provide you with savings on your lighting costs. This may be by migrating from Halogen lighting to LED Lighting, or upgrading your existing fixtures.

Testing of Lux and Lumen levels, to ensure your Lighting levels are satisfactory for the tasks being performed. Incorrect Light levels can result in potential issues for both sight and workplace activities. Most of all, incorrect light levels can be a health and safety hazard.